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Bringing families together, enhancing business relations or elevating
a fine dinner,quality wine holds experience. For as long as I can remember,
Israeli wine has transformed the daily experience of sharing dinner with my family. Unveiling what I believe to be Israel’s best kept secret, I am dedicated to showcasing the difference the quality wine from Israel can make to your
culinary experience.

My professional entry into the world of wines has been a natural progression.
Raised in a family with a long tradition of entrepreneurship, I devoted fifteen years with my family’s diamond business, eventually now serve as the director of our family's holdings, which includes olive growing, manufacturing, real estate as well as a globally-recognized industrial valves business.

All of these experiences share one thing in common: my dedication to learning the internal workings of an industry from the ground up.

This passion for cultivating a business aligns with my personal passion for wine, and I believe that the best wines in the world all start with the soil which is why the various terrains of Israel's microclimates make the ideal foundation for producing high quality wines. With my time spent in Japan, while steeped in refined cultural experiences, my appreciation for the importance of

a quality product has really started to blossom. I hold a deep admiration for the Japanese culture, with its long tradition of sourcing and enjoying the finer elements of life. This admiration has been the inspiration behind my desire to share Israel's internationally-renowned wines to a well deserving audience.

Together, let’s strengthen and celebrate our shared values of family, heritage and quality, one savoured sip at a time.


Moran Assor
From my dinner table to yours.

Ranked among Israel's "100 Most Influential People" in Time Out magazine's
food and wine section, Moran Assor is one of the country's most renowned
sommeliers and wine experts. With over 15 years of experience in the wine industry, she has held the esteemed position of sommelier for exclusive restaurants in both Israel and abroad, including internships at some of the top Michelin restaurants in London and Provence. Winner of the "Yarden" award for Israel's best sommelier in 2006 comes as no surprise, and Moran has expanded her sharing of her knowledge to include wine courses and workshops, wine and gourmet food tours, in addition to consulting for some of the country's best restaurants and wine shops.


Her vast experience and impassioned understanding of wine and its role in the top cultural milieus make her an integral asset to Namdar Wines.
Discover Moran’s selection of the most promising wines Israel has to offer right here on our site, as each of the wines has been curated by her specifically to cater to the Japanese palate.

Her suggestions for international food pairings provide innovative insight into the opportunity that Namdar Wines offers the Japanese market, by enriching their current cuisine offerings with unique, customized pairings to enhance every dish.
Her encyclopedic knowledge of different vintages, varietals and blends, along with her insight into how to integrate Israel’s offerings in a global, high-end restaurant setting, ensures that your partnership with Namdar Wines will expand both your world and your palate.

Yael Namdar
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