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Combining four decades of agricultural expertise, professional winemaking experience and a spirit of grandeur, Adir wines are developed with the utmost attention to detail. This family-owned and operated winery is renowned for creating wines that raise the bar when it comes to Israel’s potential for expert aroma, taste and body. A reflection of the exceptional surroundings from which the grapes were cultivated, this winery ensures that meticulous care is taken at every level of the winemaking process: from planting to growing, harvest selection, crushing and bottling. Each step is defined and controlled by the highest professional standards in the industry, while maintaining the personal touch that only a family business can offer.


Established in 2003, Adir Winery is located on the ridges of Admon Mountain in the center of the Upper Galilee region and has quickly become celebrated for its precision in delivering wines of the highest quality. This is one of the many reasons why it is known for producing some of the best wines in Israel, as evidenced by its multiple awards and international recognition. Graduating at the top of his class as a Cellar Master from Tel Hai Academic College, Avi Rosenberg--a member of the family--is on the road to pursuing his dream of becoming a professional winemaker and stands to represent the family motto: believe in fulfilling your aspirations, whatever they may be. On the path to such fulfilment, no challenge is too difficult and no task is too demanding. The Adir Winery celebrates the many accomplishments that continue to emerge from the winery, proving that excellence is always well worth the effort, when it is pursued wholeheartedly.

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