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This renowned winery offers the elite combination of every pivotal aspect of the winemaking process: quality vineyards, expert technology and celebrated vintners. With its focus on continually perfecting and improving their offerings, Ampharae Winery encapsulates the essence of world-class winemaking by never settling for less than the best.


The Makura Farm, located in the north of Israel next to the historical Mount Carmel, is at the heart of the winery, and its ageless stone building is where the dedication to perfection is most evident. Hands-on attention to detail is all part of the carefully curating of small lots of the varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. World-renowned winemakers Dr. Arkadily Papikian, who is one of Israel’s best in the industry, and Bordeaux-native Michel Rolland work closely with the founder of Ampharae Winery Guy Rylov to produce magical, exquisite wines. Michel Rolland is a prolific winemaker and owner of ten world-class wineries. He joined Amphorae Winery as the expert consultant to ensure that every detail attains nothing short of perfection.


Currently owned by the Dubov family, this winery has been producing some of Israel’s best wines since 2000 and is starting to gain the international recognition it deserves. 

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