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Israel’s specialty wines have recently emerged on the global stage as an exciting and fresh discovery in the possibilities of winemaking. A living representation of how can cultures fuse together and support each other, the founder of Namdar Wines was born in Italy to an Iranian family, raised in Israel and now enjoys her new home here in Japan. She has witnessed first-hand the rapid development of Israel’s passion and expertise for developing high quality wines, cultivated from a sincere passion for the land and the delicate art of winemaking.

It is our vision to bring these sophisticated, yet mostly undiscovered, offerings from Israel to offer new opportunities for retail operators, restaurateurs, wine connoisseurs to share in the quality revolution that is emerging from this Eastern Mediterranean country.

Japan and Israel both share a history that is steeped in the appreciation of the details and being rooted in one's cultural background, and it is Namdar Wines’ desire to share Israel's award winning wines with Japan, offering this relatively undiscovered expression of excellence from the Mediterranean. The synergy of our wines with traditional Japanese offerings is

a natural expression of today’s revolutionary culinary possibilities. We hope to provide you with the invigorating opportunity to bring together two cultures steeped in tradition and heritage to transform the everyday into something a little bit more extraordinary.


Mission Statement

The mission of Namdar Wines is to provide expert pairings options for Japanese cuisine with quality wines from Israel. We have curated wines for every occasion to ensure that the unparalleled nuances of Israel’s finest wines serves the discriminating tastes of Japanese restaurateurs, distributors and wine connoisseurs. Designed to enhance casual fare and sophisticated settings alike, our select collection of exquisite, internationally award-winning Israeli wines perfectly complements the carefully crafted expressions of Japanese cuisine.

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