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Château Golan is a well-established vineyard that began producing wines over 15 years ago, in the summer of 1999. Located in the southern area of the well-known Golan Heights, the vineyards are planted nearby the Château estates, just above the place where the ancient Yarmuk and Roked rivers meet. Artistic elements underscore every aspect of the winemaking process, and the winery is currently building an architecturally unique château that reflects the winery’s dedication to aesthetic integrity and passion.


Notably, the vineyards are fully owned by the winery, and Château Golan takes great care to ensure that traditional European cultivation standards are followed with the strategic integration of modern viticultural knowledge and technology. The spontaneous fermentation of natural yeast without the use of synthetic additives, for example, is one of the traditional production methods employed to enhance the connection to the terroir.


The grapes are hand-harvested, only in early morning, and immediately transported to the winery. The close proximity of the vineyard and the estates help facilitate the freshness of the grapes, aiding the quality and flavour of the final product. Fermentation occurs in stainless steel vats, without the addition of commercial yeast cultures, for most grape varietals.


All wines undergo a diligent aging process at least a year, up to a year and a half, in oak barriques of varying sizes and types, depending on the varietal and annual harvest. Bottling occurs shortly after barrel aging is complete, after which the wine is aged in bottles for another year prior to commercial release.

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