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Founded in 1999 by Dr. Ben Ami Bravado and his former student, Professor Oded Shoseyov, the Karmei Yosef winery, producing Bravdo wines, benefits from a highly technical and experienced breadth of knowledge invested by these faculty members of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Modern innovations in wine making and advanced technological approaches are infused into the wine making process at every step. The calculated science permeates the signature cultivation, fermentation and aging of this unfiltered wine.


Located in the foothills of the majestic village of Karmei Yosef, on the way to Jerusalem, Karmei Yosef winery is built upon the Shoseyov’s 120 year old tradition of growing grape vines in this region that has been known to produce exceptional wines all the way back to the age of Solomon’s kingdom. Cool summer evenings and limestone rich soil provide the perfect backdrop for the 50 acre Shoseyov estate, where all the wines are grown as an ode to the historical art of winemaking in Israel.


The meticulous, scientific approach taken by Bravado and Shoseyov ensures that no detail of the wine making process goes unnoticed. The grapes are grown and harvested using techniques that were chosen in order to maximize fruit flavour. One of the signature treatments practiced by this vineyard is the water stress combined with sunlight exposure of the grapes. Also distinctive is the fermentation process conducted at a low temperature profile, in order to elucidate the grape’s full potential at every stage of the wine making process. Produced to delight the classic palate, expert balancing is achieved by aging the wine in mostly French small oak barriques along with some American casks to balance the flavour to perfection. The wines are consistent winners on the international stage, including the winner of Chardonnay du Monde 2015 Silver medal and the 2014 bronze medal in the Decanter world wine awards.

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