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A well-respected winery, Dalton Winery is one of Israel’s larger-scale producers of quality wine, quickly expanding from the initial release of 30,000 bottles in 1995 to its current annual delivery of approximately one million bottles. Set in the beautiful lush green mountains of the Upper Galilee, near Kerem Ben Zimra, the winery overlooks the Hermon Mountain and is situated only five kilometers from the Lebanese border. Established when the Haruni family first settled in Israel from England, Dalton Winery produces quality wines developed under the discriminating eye of lead winemaker Na’ama Sorkin, a graduate of the renowned Roseworthy faculty at the University of Adelaide, until the end of March 2015. Recently, Guy Eshel has joined Dalton as its new winemaker, having studied Encology at the University of California and with the experience of having completed vintages in both France and Australia.


The ideal cultivation of the vineyards benefits from its location within an exclusive area of the Upper Galilee, where the terrain reaches an altitude of 800-900 metres above sea level. The volcanic plateau provides one of the most pristine conditions for grape growing in the country, with its high altitude, optimum soil conditions and unique microclimate. Enviably cold winters provide the essential dormant period for the vines, while hot summer days with cool nights ensure that the grapes mature at a consistent and steady rate.

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