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An international curator of award-winning Israeli wines, from our table to yours.
Developed out of a passion for opening the possibilities for Japan to experience and
enjoy the many outstanding wines from Israel, we are pleased to introduce these quality
wines to the Japanese market.

Quickly becoming recognized as a producer of delectable wines, Israel is located in the Eastern Mediterranean that has been blessed by a pristine climate, topography and terroir that is absolutely perfect for creating quality driven, world-class wines.
With an ancient history of winemaking that dates back thousands of years, this country has
only recently rediscovered its viticulture roots and in recent years has quickly exploded on
the world stage as a new youthful leader in sophisticated wine cultivation.

Japan and Israel both share a history that is steeped in the appreciation of the details and being rootedin one's cultural background, and it is Namdar Wines’ desire to share Israel's award winning wines with Japan, offering this relatively undiscovered expression of excellence from the Mediterranean.
The characteristic New World philosophy of Israeli wines and the accompanying Old World techniques adopted by some vintners provide an exciting array of aesthetic experiences that blend perfectly with traditional and modern Japanese cuisine offerings for pairing opportunities that are, simply put, out of this world.

Our wines appeal to the refined tastes of even the most discriminating connoisseur and collector, whose appreciation of superb quality and exquisite offerings will find unparalleled value in the, hand-selected selection available at Namdar Wines. Designed to enhance casual fare and sophisticated settings alike, our select collection of exquisite, internationally award-winning Israeli wines perfectly complements the carefully crafted expressions of Japanese cuisine.

Welcome to Namdar Wines
We look forward to sharing Israel's quality driven, world class wines with you.
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