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“A rare and unique combination of layer of basalt terra rosa and chalk in one terroir led to the recognition, among professionals, that this is a qualitatively much sought after vineyard...Thus, the idea of establishing the Lueria winery soon followed…”


A family-owned winery in Upper Galilee, Lueria winery is a unique vineyard which have garnered widespread recognition of the exceptional quality of the family’s grapes, which come from the vines and cultivation practices that have been in the family for generations.


Opening a winery to the public became the natural extension of this family’s talented and knowledgeable heritage, who have been encouraged by Israeli and international winemakers to share their family’s passion with the world. A vintner’s son, Gidi Sayada, inherited the love of the land from his father even in childhood. As soon as he was discharged from the IDF, he took up wine studies immediately and is now in charge of the entire winery and wine production, working side by side with experienced oenologists who monitor the winemaking process from the harvest to the advanced aging procedures.


Every harvest year, the Lueria Winery produces 9 different wines from the best vineyard selections, from their Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Barbera vines. Established in 2006, it produces 20,000 bottles annually.

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