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The underlying creative approach to Sphera Winery’s fine white wines makes this Israeli boutique winery stand out from the crowd who produces an exceptional array of wines that span the spectrum of the colourful world of whites, each enthralling in its diversity from another. The creative focus is on the clean, precise sensitivities that culminate in the production of a quality white wine that can easily hold its own on the international stage. Winemaker Doron Rav Hon’s emphasis on minimal intervention and technical precision form the basis of


Sphera’s philosophical and artistic sensibilities, underscoring the incredible variety that emerge as each of the winery’s offerings. A sensory exploration, the aesthetic experience of every wine is unique: one wine is crisp and sharp, while another may be full-bodied and rich.

Sphera Winery invests in a variety of techniques to produce such diverse expressions: one process produces a light and refreshing white wine, while another yields a lush and complex blend of flavour and aroma.


The Sphera Winery deliver their offerings in two premium collections, both released in limited quantities: “White Concepts” is a distinguished collection of varietals, blends and sparkling white wine and “White Signature” refers to the boutique winery’s limited edition release of extraordinary whites selected annually by Sphera’s winemaker.

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