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A dream come true, Stern Winery is a boutique family winery located on Kibbutz Tuval in Western Galilee. Depending on the varietals, the winery strategically employs vineyards from both the Golan Heights (Kidmat Zvi) to take advantage of the basalt soil, as well as the Kadesh Valley in Upper Galilee to cultivate the limestone soil. In addition, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Syrah grapes are included in the winery’s offerings, selected from the terra rossa soil directly in Kibbutz Tuval.


Established in 2004 by Johnny Stern, this award winning winery is a relatively young establishment that is already making waves both locally and internationally and remains a testament to the validity of pursuing one’s passions and life dreams. In addition to many local accolades, Stern Winery won the Gold Medal Syrah 2012 in the international Terravino competition 2015 along with the Silver Medal Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2010 at the same renowned competition in 2012.


Adding a personal touch to the winemaking process, Johnny Stern is an avid wine lover who believes in the production of quality wines that emerge from the soul. He, along with his partner Roni, are the lifeblood of the entire production process: from selecting the vineyards to working with the winegrowers throughout the season and during the harvest, to picking the grapes along with friends and production right through the wine making and critical decisions that elevate and solidify the wine’s flavours.

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