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A small, family-owned winery, Seahorse vineyards are located in the village of Bar-Giyora, in the heart of the Jerusalem mountains. Traditional, labour-intensive methods are employed, and the winery’s selections benefit from the minimal interference in the winemaking process, that emerges from the quality and identity of the estate-grown organic grapes, Syrah and Zinfandel, which have been cultivated in the vineyard since 2000. The winery’s Zinfandel is one of the first to be produced in Israel, representing the strides made by Seahorse to push the possibilities for Israel’s cultivation of white wines. For those looking to understand the evolution of Israel’s quality white wines this winery, in particular, is not to be missed.


An independent boutique winery whose winemaker Ze’ev Dunie believes in an integrated, soulful approach to winemaking and the symbiotic relationship between the earth, grapes and vinter, Seahorse is widely acclaimed winery that adds a distinct level of depth and breadth to Israel’s wine industry.

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