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A family owned and run winery, Vortman winery produces world-class wines of distinction from the family’s vineyard in the Mt. Carmel wine cultivation region of Israel. Careful detail is taken at every step of the production process, and all aspects of the viticulture, harvest, winemaking and bottling are meticulously conducted by hand. Considered to offer some of the best value wines in the country, according to The Times of Israel, the Vortman Winery’s offerings are clearly a labour of love. 


Terroir driven blends are the predominant offerings from Vortman Winery who deeply value the distinct regional character that each wine delivers, reflecting the Carmel area as a subregion of the Mediterranean. Due to the winery’s dedication to traditional, labour intensive approached to the winemaking process, a limited production of 20,000 bottles are released every year.

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