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Winemaking is part of the heart and soul of Moshe and Anne Celniker, whose boutique winery located near Jerusalem in Ella Valley celebrates this French family’s traditions and heritage. Established in 1998, Yaffo Winery dedicates its focus to a production process that celebrates and nurtures the land and nature that offers their annual yield that is relatively low, but of exceptional quality. High-quality French vines are carefully tended to using traditional cultivation and harvesting techniques, including a nighttime harvest, the low-temperature crushing process and the meticulous aging of their outstanding red and white wines.


In 2000, Stephan Celniker, Moshe and Anne’s son, returned from studying wine making in Burgundy and is now the celebrated wine maker behind Yaffo Winery. The low annual yields of 45,000 bottles from this winery attest to the expert dedication and passion that the Celnikers infuse in every step of the wine-making process, and they are endlessly focused on adding a personal, artisan touch to offer a signature experience like none other. Their historical preservation of traditional wine making processes are expertly infused with a passionate pursuit of new techniques and technologies for a suburb, distinctive taste that is sought after around the world.

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